The beauty of calligraphy

The beauty of calligraphy

It is with great joy and enthusiasm that we share this moment in October: our third-grade students have received their first fountain pens!

The act of writing with a pen invites tranquillity and sparks deep reflection. It requires us to carefully consider our words and how we express them; it challenges us to harmonize our thoughts with the movements of our hands and fingers, all while appreciating the beauty of calligraphy and precise spelling, enhancing the reading experience. The pen truly guides us on this journey.

Learning to read and write are intertwined facets of education. Writing ignites a complex cognitive process that engages more areas of the brain than typing on a keyboard. As neurobiologist Héctor Ruiz elucidates, handwriting activates brain regions crucial for literacy development in children.

We are aware that some former students have maintained the practice of penmanship, finding it beneficial in their adult lives. Regardless, we firmly believe that fostering this skill is a priceless educational asset within our school community.

With immense delight, we celebrate the beginning of this tradition as our first group of third graders – many more to follow – embark on their writing journey with these cherished fountain pens.